Be safe on the roads

Dr. Christopher Tufton

Gleaner Archive – December 22, 2017

As we celebrate the Christmas season I want to wish all health workers peace, goodwill and happiness during this special time of year and beyond. 

Christmas is the season where we seek to spend quality time with friends and families yet thousands of our health care workers will be in our health facilities taking care of the sick, in the fields and at our ports of entries providing the necessary health services to protect our country.

I, therefore, want to thank each worker for their commitment, dedication and hard work that has been evident throughout the year.

Despite the many challenges faced in the past year, we made tremendous gains which can only be attributed to the commendable work of staff and the support of local and international partners for which we are grateful

I am mindful that several obstacles still lie ahead of us but as your health minister, I want to reassure everyone that we remain committed to our goals of providing quality healthcare to our clients.

I want to use this opportunity to make a special appeal to all motorists to exercise proper road safety rules this festive season.

Injuries such as road traffic crashes account for a large portion of persons that are seen at our hospitals and this has not only disrupt the lives of families and loved ones but put the health sector under severe pressure.

I, therefore, want to remind persons to always use a seat belt, even if you are sitting in the back seat of a vehicle and ensure that children use proper car seats at all times. Remember not to drink and drive, and if you do drink, get a designated driver.

As we reflect on the true meaning of Christmas I wish for you all the best for the season as we look forward to continuing to work as a team in the New Year.

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