Meet Dr. Chris Tufton

Who is Dr. Tufton?

Dr. Christopher Tufton is a renowned Jamaican leader with a proven track record of success in building and leading high-performing teams, developing innovative solutions to complex problems, and inspiring others to achieve their full potential. As a former Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Minister of Industry, Investment, and Commerce, and Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr. Tufton has demonstrated exceptional strategic acumen, leadership, and commitment to public service. For example, as Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Dr. Tufton spearheaded a revolution in the agricultural sector by introducing cutting-edge greenhouse farming technology and innovative agro-processing methodologies. This visionary leadership helped to boost Jamaica’s agricultural productivity and exports. As one of the world’s longest-serving Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr Tufton redefined public health around lifestyle, embracing digital technology and public-private sector partnerships to optimise personal and societal health. His exceptional leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic earned him national and regional recognition as a crisis leader.

Dr Tufton’s mantra is leaving a legacy that improves the quality of life experiences for future generations through creative innovations, partnerships and ideas sharing.

In addition to Dr Tufton’s long and distinguished public service, he has lectured, researched and consulted on various issues on leadership, public health and organisational and national development. Dr Tufton was a University of the West Indies lecturer and Co-Executive Director of the Caribbean Policy Research Institute, a public policy think tank. Dr Tufton also firmly believes in supporting charitable causes associated with human development. He is the founder and patron of the Hummingbird Charities and a founding member of the Manchester High School Endowment Trust.

Dr. Tufton is a role model for many and is viewed as a national inspiration. His leadership qualities have had a positive impact on Jamaicans’ lives. Through his involvement in Caribbean, Regional and Global outreach, he has influenced a range of critical agendas, such as placing the behavioural sciences as a crucial response to lifestyle diseases. His ‘Jamaica Moves’ initiative, a lifestyle change management concept, has been adopted in the Caribbean as CARICOM Moves and by the Commonwealth of countries as Commonwealth Moves.

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